To Get Full Access to the Movies and Series Sections

Your Receiver’s software need to be updated  and immediately you need to do  a factory reset.

Steps To do a software update:




And follow instructions.

Once done it will reboot and restart.

Once it restarts: Go To


Factory reset

Password:   0000



It takes 5 seconds.

Press exit until you get back to the main Menu

Once there press on movies or Series.

If you still can’t access the Movies or Series:

Go to Main Menu: Aim your Remote toward the receiver: Press 9999 then OK

Then click on the Movies or Series Icon.


ISTAR RECEIVER: General Info on How to get the best Streaming

  • Use an Ethernet cable directly from the modem/router to your ISTAR receiver.
  • Please Do Not Attach the wifi adapter and the Ethernet cable at the same time. If you do so, you will end up with freezing and other streaming issues.
  • At least once a month UNPLUG the power cable to your Modem/Router to get it to reset, it will make streaming much faster.
  • For more detailed info, go to :

 Internet Connection Steps: ISTAR KOREA : Wire Connection Steps: make sure the WiFi adapter is unplugged from the receiver.   

  • Connect your Ethernet cord from your router to your ISTAR Receiver; This type of the connection is the BEST method to get the BEST streaming.
  • Scroll on to Network Icon
  • Press OK
  • Network Setting
  • Press OK
  • Select LAN
  • Press OK
  • Select ETHERNET
  • Press OK
  • If your Connected;
  • Press Exit all the way back to main menu.

WIFI Connection:

  • Plug in your wifi antenna (included in your Box) it should fit in one of the 2 USB inputs.
  • Scroll on TOP line to Network
  • Press OK
  • Network Setting
  • Press OK
  • Select Wireless Setting
  • Press OK
  • Select YOUR Home Network; Press OK
  • Enter Your password then CONNECT ; Press OK
  • Press Exit all the way back to main menu.

How to enter a new subscription Code:

Press on Online TV Icon, once you see that you subscription has expires, enter your new code and press login.

If you have any other questions, PLEASE feel free to ask; 


iStar TV Box is relatively simple to install and connect with your TV, but if you have purchased yourself an Istar-Korea tv receiver, you are having trouble setting it up. You need help with the installation of the set, then keep reading, and we will take you through the steps of how to set the box up so that you can enjoy all your favorite programs right on your television.

Steps to Set Up Your Satellite Receiver: 

  1. From the menu options, find the option For Installation’ and click on it to access that.
  2. You will be required to enter the password, which is “0000” so enter that and you will be taken into further options.
  3. From the list of options, click on Factory Setting.
  4. Here you will also need to enter a password “0000”.
  5. Then press “9527”
  6. Scroll down the list of options that show up in the factory settings and find the option of Rest Active Code.
  7. A prompt box will show up on which you need to click Yes.
  8. Then go to Reset Key underneath the rest active code option and click on that.
  9. Again, you will be promoted, and you need to click on Yes.
  10. Exit out of factory settings and installation settings.
  11. Go to the Network option on the menu now.
  12. Click on Network Settings.
  13. At this point, make sure your device connected to internet via wi-fi or ethernet cable.
  14. You will find D-Net Update; click on that and press the “Red Button”on your remote control to download or update the device.
  15. Once D-net update is finished; go back to main screen by pressing menu over and over until you go back to the main screen and press “2244”.
  16. Then go to “Online TV” and press “OK”.
  17. Coach on Upgrade Module and wait for the update to download.
  18. Once it has been downloaded, go to the menu and select Settings.
  19. Go to About STB where you will see that you have been able to connect successfully.
  20. Take a picture of the “about STB” screen and text it to your seller for activation.